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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2011-10-28Ignore returnBart Polot
2011-10-28Fixed a memory leakBart Polot
2011-10-28Fixed coverity #10198Bart Polot
2011-10-28Fixed coverity #10228Bart Polot
2011-10-28Fixed coverity #10227, added doxygen to avoid bug again.Bart Polot
2011-10-28Added transition code for new MESH APIBart Polot
2011-10-28Simplified and extended testcaseBart Polot
2011-10-28Fix testcaseBart Polot
2011-10-27Fixed testcase and small bugs in treeBart Polot
2011-10-27WiPBart Polot
2011-10-27WiPBart Polot
2011-10-27WiPBart Polot
2011-10-27Attempt to fix assertion failures on buildbot related to RC of client ↵Bart Polot
2011-10-27Fixed #1856, added extra check for tunnel local numberingBart Polot
2011-10-27Allowed to destroy NULL pathsBart Polot
2011-10-27Fixed a bug when adding a path to a peer_info, modified loggingBart Polot
2011-10-26Eliminated full hash loggingBart Polot
2011-10-26Fixed #1857Bart Polot
2011-10-26Changed debug define for APIBart Polot
2011-10-26Fixed bug to keep looking though list of clients on disconnectBart Polot
2011-10-26Transformed assert into warningBart Polot
2011-10-26Fixed double free, formattingBart Polot
2011-10-26Exclude multicast test from running by defaultBart Polot
2011-10-26Fixed #1853Bart Polot
2011-10-26bugPhilipp Tölke
2011-10-25Changed log, fixed crash in tree, caysed #1852 insteadBart Polot
2011-10-25Changed assert to break, not critical failureBart Polot
2011-10-24Refactored 'type' DHT response processingBart Polot
2011-10-24Added connection broken p2p notificationsBart Polot
2011-10-24Fixed loggingBart Polot
2011-10-24Don't die on unknown peerBart Polot
2011-10-24Changed testcase to not die on unknown peer, log warning insteadBart Polot
2011-10-24typoMatthias Wachs
2011-10-24check return valsChristian Grothoff
2011-10-23make writing data_output optional and disable by defaultChristian Grothoff
2011-10-22replacing 0-terminated atsi-array with array+length in core API (and the ↵Christian Grothoff
core-connect IPC)
2011-10-21Fixed compile issue, changed logging & dht_get_id workingBart Polot
2011-10-21Refactored to use functions instead of duplicated code for starting DHT GET ↵Bart Polot
for ID
2011-10-21Solved Mantis #1834Bart Polot
2011-10-21Wait more to complete tests on slower machinesBart Polot
2011-10-20Changed testcase to include real multicast testsBart Polot
2011-10-20Changed testcases structureBart Polot
2011-10-20Added tunnel destruction to the testcaseBart Polot
2011-10-20Fixed bugs in tunnel destruction chainBart Polot
2011-10-20Do not execute test under valgrind as defaultBart Polot
2011-10-19Added code to manage deletion of individual pathsBart Polot
2011-10-19Updated doxygenBart Polot
2011-10-19Small fixesBart Polot
2011-10-19Added peer in tunnel deletion, changes to tree managementBart Polot
2011-10-18fix compile problemChristian Grothoff