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Requires python3-jinja2, python3-babel, and gettext.
-Run "make" or "gmake" to build the HTML.
-In old USB fashion, run make or gmake again if it fails (we might fix this
-Expect it to show up in en/ and other language folders, NOT in the root dir.
+The currently supported python3 version is python 3.7.
+Run "make" to build the HTML.
+If you experience a failure related to a python module, run
+"make" again.
+Expect it to show up in rendered/en/ and other language folders.
+Layout / how this comes to be
+ local variables for values in the Makefile
+static/ contains images, css, PDFs, robots.txt, team-images
+static/navbar.css CSS for the navigation bar (common/
+static/styles.css CSS for the rest of the website
+template/ the flat namespace of html.j2 files
+dist/ 3rd party content (bootstrap 4, font-awesome)
+common/ jinja2 templates. operates on template directory and produces
+ output in 'rendered/' directory
+The 'dist' and 'static' directories will be copied to the output
+directory ('rendered/') in the 'all' phase of make. robots.txt
+is copied to relevant folders.
Developing with GNU Guix