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@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ msgid ""
7msgstr "" 7msgstr ""
8"Project-Id-Version: PROJECT VERSION\n" 8"Project-Id-Version: PROJECT VERSION\n"
9"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: EMAIL@ADDRESS\n" 9"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: EMAIL@ADDRESS\n"
10"POT-Creation-Date: 2021-09-29 13:55+0200\n" 10"POT-Creation-Date: 2022-02-25 20:18+0100\n"
11"PO-Revision-Date: 2021-04-15 10:31+0000\n" 11"PO-Revision-Date: 2021-04-15 10:31+0000\n"
12"Last-Translator: Kanoko Kondo <yves0625@gmail.com>\n" 12"Last-Translator: Kanoko Kondo <yves0625@gmail.com>\n"
13"Language-Team: Japanese <http://weblate.taler.net/projects/gnunet/website/ja/" 13"Language-Team: Japanese <http://weblate.taler.net/projects/gnunet/website/ja/"
@@ -529,26 +529,16 @@ msgstr ""
529"し、新たな暗号化プロトコルで鍵を検証します。" 529"し、新たな暗号化プロトコルで鍵を検証します。"
530 530
531#: template/applications.html.j2:160 531#: template/applications.html.j2:160
532msgid "Cadet-GTK" 532msgid "Messenger-GTK"
533msgstr "Cadet-GTK" 533msgstr ""
534 534
535#: template/applications.html.j2:162 535#: template/applications.html.j2:162
536#, fuzzy
537#| msgid ""
538#| "<a href=\"https://gitlab.com/gnunet-messenger/cadet-gtk\">Cadet-GTK</a> "
539#| "is a convenient but feature-rich graphical application providing "
540#| "messaging using especially the CADET subsystem. It is developed using GTK "
541#| "and libhandy for a convergent design."
542msgid "" 536msgid ""
543"<a href=\"https://gitlab.com/gnunet-messenger/cadet-gtk\">Cadet-GTK</a> is a " 537"<a href=\"https://git.gnunet.org/messenger-gtk.git/\">Messenger-GTK</a> is a "
544"convenient but feature-rich graphical application providing messaging using " 538"convergent GTK messaging application using the GNUnet Messenger service. The "
545"the CADET subsystem. It is developed using GTK and libhandy for a convergent " 539"goal is to provide private and secure communication between any group of "
546"design." 540"devices."
547msgstr "" 541msgstr ""
548"<a href=\"https://gitlab.com/gnunet-messenger/cadet-gtk\">Cadet-GTK</a> は、"
549"高い利便性と豊富な機能を備えたグラフィカル アプリケーションで、特に CADET サ"
550"ブシステムを使用してメッセージ機能を提供します。GTK と libhandy を利用して開"
552 542
553#: template/applications.html.j2:180 543#: template/applications.html.j2:180
554msgid "groupchat" 544msgid "groupchat"
@@ -3227,7 +3217,8 @@ msgstr ""
3227msgid "Tutorial: GNUnet on OpenWrt" 3217msgid "Tutorial: GNUnet on OpenWrt"
3228msgstr "" 3218msgstr ""
3229 3219
3230#: template/install-on-openwrt.html.j2:47 3220#: template/install-on-openwrt.html.j2:47 template/l2o/mile1.html.j2:113
3221#: template/l2o/mile2.html.j2:63 template/l2o/mile3.html.j2:92
3231#, fuzzy 3222#, fuzzy
3232#| msgid "Continuous Integration" 3223#| msgid "Continuous Integration"
3233msgid "Configuration" 3224msgid "Configuration"
@@ -3426,6 +3417,589 @@ msgstr ""
3426msgid "Videos related to GNUnet" 3417msgid "Videos related to GNUnet"
3427msgstr "" 3418msgstr ""
3428 3419
3420#: template/l2o/index.html.j2:6 template/l2o/mile1.html.j2:6
3421#: template/l2o/mile2.html.j2:6 template/l2o/mile3.html.j2:6
3422#: template/l2o/testng.html.j2:6
3423msgid "NGI Assure project: Layer-2-Overlay"
3424msgstr ""
3426#: template/l2o/index.html.j2:12 template/l2o/index.html.j2:34
3427#, fuzzy
3428#| msgid "Documentation"
3429msgid "Project motivation"
3430msgstr "資料"
3432#: template/l2o/index.html.j2:13
3433msgid "New Test Framework"
3434msgstr ""
3436#: template/l2o/index.html.j2:14 template/l2o/index.html.j2:74
3437msgid "Milestones"
3438msgstr ""
3440#: template/l2o/index.html.j2:15
3441msgid "Milestone 1"
3442msgstr ""
3444#: template/l2o/index.html.j2:16
3445msgid "Milestone 2"
3446msgstr ""
3448#: template/l2o/index.html.j2:17
3449msgid "Milestone 3"
3450msgstr ""
3452#: template/l2o/index.html.j2:18
3453msgid "Milestone 4"
3454msgstr ""
3456#: template/l2o/index.html.j2:19
3457msgid "Milestone 5"
3458msgstr ""
3460#: template/l2o/index.html.j2:20
3461msgid "Milestone 6"
3462msgstr ""
3464#: template/l2o/index.html.j2:27
3465msgid ""
3466"This project was funded through the NGI Assure Fund, a fund established by "
3467"<a href=\"https://nlnet.nl/project/GNUnet-L2/\">NLnet</a>."
3468msgstr ""
3470#: template/l2o/index.html.j2:39
3471msgid ""
3472"The <a href=\"https://docs.gnunet.org/handbook/gnunet.html#TRANSPORT-"
3473"Subsystem\">current</a> GNUnet TRANSPORT architecture with its pluggable "
3474"transport mechanism (TCP, UDP, HTTP(S) and other protocols) together with "
3475"the ATS subsystem for bandwidth allocation and choosing plugins has several "
3476"<a href=\"https://docs.gnunet.org/handbook/gnunet.html#TRANSPORT_002dNG-"
3477"Subsystem\">issues</a> with its design. With the Layer-2-Overlay project we "
3478"like to implement the <a href=\"https://docs.gnunet.org/handbook/gnunet."
3479"html#Design-goals-of-TNG\">design goals</a> of the future GNUnet TRANSPORT "
3480"Next Generation (TNG) subsystem. One major change in the design is to "
3481"separate the protocol plugins into processes (now called communicators) "
3482"detached from the main transport service. Three communicators were already "
3483"implemented (TCP, UDP and UNIX sockets). The old transport code is hard to "
3484"maintain, because it is cluttered with \"manipulation\" support code for "
3485"TESTBED (the actual testing framework). Testing TRANSPORT is a hard task, "
3486"especially with TESTBED which has its own design flaws, and test code which "
3487"is very hard to read to get an idea what the test code is doing. Therefore "
3488"the first task (milestone 1) is to implement a new testing framework which "
3489"uses network namespaces to make testing of TNG much easier. Have a look into "
3490"what is planed for Layer-2-Overlay in the <a href=\"#milestones"
3492msgstr ""
3494#: template/l2o/index.html.j2:50
3495msgid "New Test Framwork"
3496msgstr ""
3498#: template/l2o/index.html.j2:54
3499msgid "Command Style Pattern"
3500msgstr ""
3502#: template/l2o/index.html.j2:58
3503msgid ""
3504"The new style of writing tests in GNUnet is borrowed from the <a href="
3505"\"https://docs.taler.net/developers-manual.html#testing-library\">GNU Taler "
3506"testing library</a>. In <a href=\"#milestone1\">milestone 1</a> we "
3507"implemented commands to setup the <a href=\"#netjails\">netjails</a>, the "
3508"test environment for each peer, to start a single peers and sending a simple "
3509"test message. Because some commands depend on other commands to be finished, "
3510"and those commands are asynchronous, we needed additional functionality in "
3511"the command interpreter library to block execution until some commands are "
3512"finished (e.g. all peers needs to be running, before peers starting to send "
3513"messages). For a detailed description have a look into the <a href=\"testng."
3514"html\">testing ng documentation</a>."
3515msgstr ""
3517#: template/l2o/index.html.j2:64
3518msgid "Netjails"
3519msgstr ""
3521#: template/l2o/index.html.j2:68
3522msgid ""
3523"To do extensive testing of the new transport implementation one needs to "
3524"simulate various network topologies to enable faking network characteristics "
3525"like lossy connections or firewalls. To achieve this we are working with <a "
3526"href=\"https://www.man7.org/linux/man-pages/man8/ip-netns.8.html\">network "
3527"namespace</a>. We have commands for starting and stopping network "
3528"namespaces. Those commands are scripts, which are using several shell "
3529"commands to setup the network namespace. A third script then is responsible "
3530"for start a GNUnet helper. This helper can load plugins. Each plugin "
3531"represents some test case. Per node in the network namespaces one helper is "
3532"started, which means on each node is a local interpreter loop running. For a "
3533"detailed description have a look into the <a href=\"testng.html\">testing ng "
3535msgstr ""
3537#: template/l2o/index.html.j2:78
3538msgid "Milestone 1 Test Infrastructure and minimal Test Case"
3539msgstr ""
3541#: template/l2o/index.html.j2:81
3542msgid ""
3543"The first subtask consists of implementing a framework for setting up VLANs "
3544"between network namespaces and a framework to test communication between "
3545"peers which are running in those VLANs. Finally a minimal Test Case will be "
3546"implemented. Despite the fact that the transport service is already able to "
3547"use several communicators (transport protocol implementations), it will only "
3548"use the tcp communicator, not the unix socket nor the udp communicator, "
3549"which already are in place and working. <ul> <li>SUID helpers to setup "
3550"network namespace and starting peers with network namespace.</li> <li>Basic "
3551"transport-level operations (get address, send, receive, connect).</li> "
3552"<li>Peers connected through test and transfer data.</li> </ul>"
3553msgstr ""
3555#: template/l2o/index.html.j2:93
3556msgid ""
3557"First MVP which uses the TCP communicator to send messages between peers. "
3558"The deliverable can be verified through out the specific test cases running "
3559"in the GNUnet CI. <a href=\"mile1.html\">Details</a>"
3560msgstr ""
3562#: template/l2o/index.html.j2:101
3563msgid "Milestone 2 Enhancing Test Framework"
3564msgstr ""
3566#: template/l2o/index.html.j2:104
3567msgid ""
3568"To test more complex functionality we need to enhance the capabilities of "
3569"the testing framework. Hooks for performance measurement will be "
3570"implemented. <ul> <li>Enhancing transport-level operations.</li> <li>Block "
3571"execution of commands at a peer. (Barriers).</li> </ul>"
3572msgstr ""
3574#: template/l2o/index.html.j2:114
3575msgid ""
3576"Outcome of this deliverable are advanced test case (again verifiable in the "
3577"GNUnet continuous integration (CI)). <a href=\"mile2.html\">Details</a>"
3578msgstr ""
3580#: template/l2o/index.html.j2:122
3581msgid "Milestone 3 UDP integration"
3582msgstr ""
3584#: template/l2o/index.html.j2:125
3585msgid ""
3586"With this subtask I will implement enhanced L2O features like using "
3587"unidirectional transport protocols with backchannels. Addresses by which a "
3588"peer can be reached can be delivered on handshake or by UDP broadcast. With "
3589"this milestone the transport service will be able to use more than one "
3590"communicator (pluggable transport). <ul> <li>unidirectional communication "
3591"and backchannels.</li> <li>UDP broadcast.</li> </ul>"
3592msgstr ""
3594#: template/l2o/index.html.j2:135
3595msgid ""
3596"The CI contains test case which uses the UDP protocol to message between "
3597"peers and to learn about “foreign” peers. <a href=\"mile3.html\">Details</a>"
3598msgstr ""
3600#: template/l2o/index.html.j2:143
3601msgid "Milestone 4 Distance Vector"
3602msgstr ""
3604#: template/l2o/index.html.j2:146
3605msgid ""
3606"In this subtask I will enhance connectivity to peers not directly connected. "
3607"Therefore peers have to act as relay. To achieve this I will implement the "
3608"distance vector protocol."
3609msgstr ""
3611#: template/l2o/index.html.j2:152
3612msgid ""
3613"The CI contains test cases with a setup of peers not connected directly. The "
3614"test cases proof that each peer can reach any other peer."
3615msgstr ""
3617#: template/l2o/index.html.j2:158
3618msgid "Milestone 5 NAT Traversal"
3619msgstr ""
3621#: template/l2o/index.html.j2:161
3622msgid ""
3623"This subtask will make peers behind NAT reachable. Two simple traversal "
3624"methods will be implemented. <ul> <li>NAT traversal via UpnPC.</li> "
3625"<li>Autonomous NAT Traversal using fake ICMP messages.</li> </ul>"
3626msgstr ""
3628#: template/l2o/index.html.j2:171
3629msgid ""
3630"The CI contains test case with a peer setup containing peer behind a NAT. "
3631"The test cases proof that each peer can be reached, even if that peer is "
3632"behind a NAT. The test case are measuring the performance. This measurement "
3633"is used to compare with the outcome of the next milestone. This result of "
3634"this milestone will be a first stable release."
3635msgstr ""
3637#: template/l2o/index.html.j2:178
3638msgid "Milestone 6 Optimization"
3639msgstr ""
3641#: template/l2o/index.html.j2:181
3642msgid ""
3643"In this subtask I will implement algorithms (flow and congestion control, "
3644"quality of service optimizations) which will select the optimal transport "
3645"protocol for a given situation. I will analyze potential performance gains "
3646"by integrating libraries of the interpeer project. If the effort of "
3647"integrating interpeer presumably would lead to better performance than other "
3648"optimizations of the same amount of work, this integration is done. I will "
3649"finish the project with a performance analysis to optimize the selection "
3650"logic. <ul> <li>Queue management. <li>Interpeer project synergy <ol> "
3651"<li>Analysis of the interpeer project in regard to integrate it into GNUnet."
3652"</li> <li>Optional integration into GNUnet, if it can be done at all and in "
3653"a reasonable amount of work.</li> </ol> <li>Commands for performance "
3654"measurement(s).</li> <li>Performance analysis.</li> </ul>"
3655msgstr ""
3657#: template/l2o/index.html.j2:201
3658msgid ""
3659"The test cases in the CI are measuring the performance gains. This "
3660"measurement can be compared with the measurement of milestone 5. Again one "
3661"outcome of this milestone will be a stable release. Documentation of the "
3662"interpeer project analysis."
3663msgstr ""
3665#: template/l2o/mile1.html.j2:12 template/l2o/mile2.html.j2:12
3666#: template/l2o/mile3.html.j2:12 template/l2o/testng.html.j2:12
3667msgid "Project main page"
3668msgstr ""
3670#: template/l2o/mile1.html.j2:20 template/l2o/mile2.html.j2:20
3671#: template/l2o/mile3.html.j2:29
3672msgid "Master Loop"
3673msgstr ""
3675#: template/l2o/mile1.html.j2:22
3676msgid ""
3677"<table width=\"100%\"> <tr> <td width=\"40%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;"
3678"\">src/transport/test_transport_api_cmd_simple_send.c</td><td width=\"60%\" "
3679"style=\"vertical-align: top;\">Binary for starting the simple send test. "
3680"Obsolete in current code base!</td> <tr> <td></td><td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td "
3681"width=\"40%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">src/testing/netjail_start.sh</"
3682"td><td width=\"60%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">Script to setup the "
3683"netjail topology. Will be execute by the following command. </td> </tr> <tr> "
3684"<td width=\"40%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">src/testing/"
3685"testing_api_cmd_netjail_start.c</td><td width=\"60%\" style=\"vertical-"
3686"align: top;\">Command to create the netjail setup.</td> <tr> <td></td><td> </"
3687"td> </tr> <tr> <td width=\"40%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">src/testing/"
3688"netjail_exec.sh</td><td width=\"60%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">Script "
3689"to execute a local test interpreter per node. Will be execute by the "
3690"following command.</td> <tr> <td></td><td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width=\"40%"
3691"\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">src/testing/"
3692"testing_api_cmd_netjail_start_testsystem.c</td><td width=\"60%\" style="
3693"\"vertical-align: top;\">Command to start the helper processes.</td> <tr> "
3694"<td></td><td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width=\"40%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;"
3695"\">src/testing/testing_api_cmd_netjail_stop_testsystem.c</td><td width=\"60%"
3696"\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">Command to stop the helper processes.</td> "
3697"<tr> <td></td><td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width=\"40%\" style=\"vertical-"
3698"align: top;\">src/testing/netjail_stop.sh</td><td width=\"60%\" style="
3699"\"vertical-align: top;\">Script to stop the netjail topology.</td> <tr> "
3700"<td></td><td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width=\"40%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;"
3701"\">src/testing/testing_api_cmd_netjail_stop.c</td><td width=\"60%\" style="
3702"\"vertical-align: top;\">Command to stop the test setup.</td> <tr> <td></"
3703"td><td> </td> </tr> </table>"
3704msgstr ""
3706#: template/l2o/mile1.html.j2:65 template/l2o/mile2.html.j2:48
3707#: template/l2o/mile3.html.j2:66
3708msgid "Local Loop"
3709msgstr ""
3711#: template/l2o/mile1.html.j2:67
3712msgid ""
3713"<table width=\"100%\"> <tr> <td width=\"40%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;"
3714"\">src/testing/gnunet-cmds-helper.c</td><td width=\"60%\" style=\"vertical-"
3715"align: top;\">Helper to start the local interpreter loop.</td> <tr> <td></"
3716"td><td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width=\"40%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;"
3717"\">src/transport/test_transport_plugin_cmd_simple_send.c</td><td width=\"60%"
3718"\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">Plugin which creates the cmds for the "
3719"simple send test case.</td> </tr> <tr> <td width=\"40%\" style=\"vertical-"
3720"align: top;\">src/testing/testing_api_cmd_system_create.c</td><td width=\"60%"
3721"\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">Command to create a local test system.</"
3722"td> <tr> <td></td><td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width=\"40%\" style=\"vertical-"
3723"align: top;\">src/transport/transport_api_cmd_start_peer.c</td><td width="
3724"\"60%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">Command to start a peer.</td> <tr> "
3725"<td></td><td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width=\"40%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;"
3726"\">src/transport/transport_api_cmd_connecting_peers.c</td><td width=\"60%\" "
3727"style=\"vertical-align: top;\"> Command to connect two peers.</td> <tr> "
3728"<td></td><td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td>src/transport/"
3729"transport_api_cmd_send_simple.c</td><td width=\"60%\" style=\"vertical-"
3730"align: top;\">Command to send a simple message from one peer to another.</"
3731"td> <tr> <td></td><td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width=\"40%\" style=\"vertical-"
3732"align: top;\">src/transport/transport_api_cmd_stop_peer.c</td><td width=\"60%"
3733"\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">Command to stop a peer.</td> <tr> <td></"
3734"td><td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width=\"40%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;"
3735"\">src/testing/testing_api_cmd_system_destroy.c</td><td width=\"60%\" style="
3736"\"vertical-align: top;\">Command to destroy the local test system.</td> <tr> "
3737"<td></td><td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width=\"40%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;"
3738"\">src/testing/testing_api_cmd_local_test_finished.c</td><td>Command to send "
3739"a message to the master loop, if the local loop has finished.</td> <tr> </"
3741msgstr ""
3743#: template/l2o/mile1.html.j2:115
3744msgid ""
3745"<table width=\"100%\"> <tr> <td width=\"40%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;"
3746"\">src/transport/test_transport_api2_tcp_node1.conf</td><td width=\"60%\" "
3747"style=\"vertical-align: top;\">Configuration for the first node running "
3748"during the simple send test case.</td> <tr> <td></td><td> </td> </tr> <tr> "
3749"<td width=\"40%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">src/transport/"
3750"test_transport_api2_tcp_node2.conf</td><td width=\"60%\" style=\"vertical-"
3751"align: top;\">Configuration for the second node running during the simple "
3752"send test case.</td> </tr> </table>"
3753msgstr ""
3755#: template/l2o/mile2.html.j2:22
3756msgid ""
3757"<table width=\"100%\"> <tr> <td width=\"40%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;"
3758"\">src/transport/test_transport_simple_send.sh</td><td width=\"60%\" style="
3759"\"vertical-align: top;\">Introduced scripts to start the tests. The script "
3760"checks, if a kernel parameter is set to allow unprivileged users to create "
3761"network namespaces. The script than starts the following gerneric binary in "
3762"a network namespace.</td> <tr> <td></td><td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width=\"40%"
3763"\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">src/transport/"
3764"test_transport_start_with_config.c</td><td width=\"60%\" style=\"vertical-"
3765"align: top;\">A generic binary to start a test case which will be configured "
3766"by a configuration file.</td> </tr> <tr> <td width=\"40%\" style=\"vertical-"
3767"align: top;\">src/testing/testing.c</td><td width=\"60%\" style=\"vertical-"
3768"align: top;\">Added code to read netjail topology from a file.</td> <tr> "
3769"<td></td><td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width=\"40%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;"
3770"\">src/testing/topo.sh</td><td width=\"60%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;"
3771"\">Script which reads the topology from a file for the use in the other "
3772"netjail scripts.</td> <tr> <td></td><td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width=\"40%\" "
3773"style=\"vertical-align: top;\">All already existing commands.</td><td width="
3774"\"60%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">All commands changed to work with the "
3775"topology data.</td> </tr> </table>"
3776msgstr ""
3778#: template/l2o/mile2.html.j2:50
3779msgid ""
3780"<table width=\"100%\"> <tr> <td width=\"40%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;"
3781"\">src/testing/testing_api_cmd_send_peer_ready.c</td><td width=\"60%\" style="
3782"\"vertical-align: top;\">Command to send a message to the master loop if a "
3783"peer has started in local loop.</td> <tr> <td></td><td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td "
3784"width=\"40%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">src/testing/"
3785"testing_api_cmd_local_test_prepared.c</td><td width=\"60%\" style=\"vertical-"
3786"align: top;\">Command to send a message to the master loop if a peer is "
3787"ready to shutdown.</td> </tr> </table>"
3788msgstr ""
3790#: template/l2o/mile2.html.j2:65
3791msgid ""
3792"<table width=\"100%\"> <tr> <td width=\"40%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;"
3793"\">src/transport/transport_api_cmd_start_peer.c</td><td width=\"60%\" style="
3794"\"vertical-align: top;\">Command now uses a configuration template for the "
3795"peer configuration.</td> <tr> <td></td><td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width=\"40%"
3796"\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">test_transport_simple_send_topo.conf</"
3797"td><td width=\"60%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">Topology configuration "
3798"file for the simple send test case.</td> <tr> </table>"
3799msgstr ""
3801#: template/l2o/mile3.html.j2:20
3802msgid "Bug fixing"
3803msgstr ""
3805#: template/l2o/mile3.html.j2:22
3806msgid ""
3807"Some bugs in the tng service and communicator code which were found with new "
3808"tests were fixed."
3809msgstr ""
3811#: template/l2o/mile3.html.j2:31
3812msgid ""
3813"<table width=\"100%\"> <tr> <td width=\"60%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;"
3814"\">src/transport/test_transport_udp_backchannel.sh</td><td width=\"55%\" "
3815"style=\"vertical-align: top;\">Added script to start the udp backchannel "
3816"test case.</td> <tr> <td></td><td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width=\"60%\" style="
3817"\"vertical-align: top;\">src/transport/test_transport_simple_send_broadcast."
3818"sh</td><td width=\"55%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">Added script for the "
3819"UDB broadcast test.</td> <tr> <td></td><td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width=\"60%"
3820"\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">src/transport/"
3821"test_transport_simple_send_string.sh</td><td width=\"55%\" style=\"vertical-"
3822"align: top;\">Added script as an example to start a test with inline "
3823"topology configuration string.</td> <tr> <td></td><td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td "
3824"width=\"60%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">All commands</td><td width=\"55%"
3825"\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">Changed code to handle strings with "
3826"topology information.</td> </tr> <tr> <td></td><td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td "
3827"width=\"60%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">src/testing/netjail_start.sh</"
3828"td><td width=\"55%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">Changed the netjail "
3829"start script to configure port forwarding for specific protocols (tcp, udp)."
3830"</td> </tr> <tr> <td></td><td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width=\"60%\" style="
3831"\"vertical-align: top;\">src/testing/netjail_*.sh</td><td width=\"40%\" "
3832"style=\"vertical-align: top;\">Moved to contrib/netjail directory</td> </tr> "
3834msgstr ""
3836#: template/l2o/mile3.html.j2:68
3837msgid ""
3838"<table width=\"100%\"> <tr> <td width=\"60%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;"
3839"\">src/transport/test_transport_plugin_cmd_simple_send_broadcast.c</td><td "
3840"width=\"40%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">New plugin for the udp "
3841"broadcast test case.</td> <tr> <td></td><td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width=\"60%"
3842"\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">src/transport/"
3843"test_transport_plugin_cmd_udp_backchannel.c</td><td width=\"40%\" style="
3844"\"vertical-align: top;\">New plugin for the udp backchannel test case.</td> "
3845"<tr> <td></td><td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width=\"60%\" style=\"vertical-"
3846"align: top;\">src/transport/transport_api_cmd_backchannel_check.c</td><td "
3847"width=\"40%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">Command to check for a udp "
3848"backchannel specific log entry.</td> </tr> <tr> <td></td><td> </td> </tr> "
3849"<tr> <td width=\"60%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">src/testing/"
3850"testing_api_cmd_block_until_external_trigger.cc</td><td width=\"40%\" style="
3851"\"vertical-align: top;\">Command to block the local loop until triggered by "
3852"a external signal.</td> </tr> </table>"
3853msgstr ""
3855#: template/l2o/mile3.html.j2:94
3856msgid ""
3857"<table width=\"100%\"> <tr> <td width=\"60%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;"
3858"\">src/transport/test_transport_simple_send_broadcast_topo.conf</td><td "
3859"width=\"40%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">Topology configuration for the "
3860"broadcast test.</td> <tr> <td></td><td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width=\"60%\" "
3861"style=\"vertical-align: top;\">test_transport_udp_backchannel_topo.conf</"
3862"td><td width=\"40%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">Topology configuration "
3863"file for the udp backchannel test case.</td> <tr> </table>"
3864msgstr ""
3866#: template/l2o/testng.html.j2:20
3867msgid "Netjail setup and execution"
3868msgstr ""
3870#: template/l2o/testng.html.j2:22
3871msgid ""
3872"Netjail is the GNUnet naming for having several <a href=\"https://www.man7."
3873"org/linux/man-pages/man8/ip-netns.8.html\">network namespaces</a>, being "
3874"isolated from each other to test how GNUnet nodes with limited connectivity "
3875"behave, and how the new transport next generation implementation can help to "
3876"circumvent the connectivity obstacles. The network namespaces are span a "
3877"network with globally known nodes and several subnets separated from each "
3878"other via a single router. We have three scripts for the test setup: <ul> "
3879"<li>netjail_start.sh: A script to setup the network namespaces. This script "
3880"takes three arguments. The first is either the name of a configuration for "
3881"the test setup topology or a string containing the topology information. The "
3882"second is the process id of the test. The third is a flag if the first "
3883"parameter contains the name of the configuration file or the topology string."
3884"</li> <li>netjail_exec.sh: A script to run some command in a specific "
3885"namespace. This script takes eight arguments. The first is the index of a "
3886"node in a namespace for which we like to execute a command. The second is "
3887"the index of the namespace of the node. The third is the command to execute, "
3888"the fourth is the number of subnets, the fifth the number of nodes in each "
3889"subnet, the sixth is the identifier used by the <a href=\"https://www.man7."
3890"org/linux/man-pages/man8/ip-netns.8.html\">ip-netns</a> command, the sixth "
3891"is a flag is the topology information is given via a topology file of a "
3892"string containing the topology information..</li> <li>netjail_stop.sh: A "
3893"script which remove all the network namespace setup by netjail_start.sh. The "
3894"arguments are the same as those for netjail_start.sh.</li> </ul> The is a "
3895"generic test binary (test_transport_start_with_config) which will start the "
3896"above mentioned scripts. Because creating network namespaces is only "
3897"permitted for privileged users the generic test binary is not start "
3898"directly, but via scripts. This script starts the generic binary using the "
3899"command unshare. Using unshare one can create a namespace with its own user "
3900"namespace, where creating network namespaces is allowed. Precondition to do "
3901"this with unshare, is to set the kernel.unprivileged_userns_clone kernel "
3903msgstr ""
3905#: template/l2o/testng.html.j2:38
3906msgid "CMD helper and testcase plugins"
3907msgstr ""
3909#: template/l2o/testng.html.j2:42
3910msgid ""
3911"Although netjail_exec.sh can execute an arbitrary command in the ng testing "
3912"framework a special command is used: gnunet-cmds-helper This commands itself "
3913"is of a special kind named helper processes which communicates via "
3914"GNUNET_MessageHeaders on stdin/stdout with the process that started the "
3915"helper. The gnunet-cmds-helper is used to load testcase plugins. Those "
3916"plugins are implementations of an api which is used to start different test "
3917"cases. Those plugins are dynamically loaded by gnunet-cmds-helper. Each "
3918"plugin defines the commands which are running in a local interpreter loop "
3919"started by the helper on that specific network namespace node. The plugins "
3920"are also responsible for the communication via the helper with the master "
3921"interpreter loop."
3922msgstr ""
3924#: template/l2o/testng.html.j2:48
3925msgid "Command Pattern"
3926msgstr ""
3928#: template/l2o/testng.html.j2:52
3929msgid ""
3930"The testing framework borrowed from the <a href=\"https://docs.taler.net/"
3931"developers-manual.html#testing-library\">GNU Taler testing library</a> was "
3932"extended to handle asychronous commands. Therefore a struct "
3933"GNUNET_TESTING_AsyncContext was added to struct GNUNET_TESTING_Command. By "
3934"default the continuation function of GNUNET_TESTING_AsyncContext is the "
3935"interpreter_next function of the interpreter loop (blocking asynchronous "
3936"command) which will be executed calling GNUNET_TESTING_async_finish, when "
3937"the asynchronous task finished, but also can be any other function to be "
3938"executed when the asynchronous task is non blocking."
3939msgstr ""
3941#: template/l2o/testng.html.j2:57
3942#, fuzzy
3943#| msgid "Continuous Integration"
3944msgid "Topology Configuration"
3945msgstr "継続的なインテグレーション"
3947#: template/l2o/testng.html.j2:61
3948msgid ""
3949"The topology of the netjail setup can be configured via a configuration "
3950"file, or with a configuration string handed over to the generic binary for "
3951"starting netjail based tests.</br></br> Both method can be examined in two "
3952"example test scripts</br></br> test_transport_send_simple.sh</br></br> and</"
3953"br></br> test_transport_send_simple_string.sh</br></br> The Syntax of the "
3954"configuration is as follows.</br></br> The configuration string is "
3955"structured by lines and the delimiter ':' used for seperating key/value(s) "
3956"pairs and the chars '{' and '}' for grouping several key/value pairs as "
3957"value and '|' to separate a group of values from the key/value(s) pair "
3958"identifying a line.</br></br> Keys are</br></br> <table width=\"100%\"> <tr> "
3959"<td width=\"10%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">M</td><td width=\"90%\" "
3960"style=\"vertical-align: top;\">The number of natted subnets in the topology."
3961"</td> </tr> <tr> <td></td><td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width=\"10%\" style="
3962"\"vertical-align: top;\">N</td><td width=\"90%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;"
3963"\">The number of nodes in each subnet.</td> </tr> <tr> <td></td><td> </td> </"
3964"tr> <tr> <td width=\"10%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">X</td><td width="
3965"\"90%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">The Number of globally known (not "
3966"natted) nodes.</td> </tr> <tr> <td></td><td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width=\"10%"
3967"\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">K</td><td width=\"90%\" style=\"vertical-"
3968"align: top;\"> A globally known (not natted) node. The number value "
3969"identifies the node.</td> </tr> <tr> <td></td><td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td "
3970"width=\"10%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">T</td><td width=\"90%\" style="
3971"\"vertical-align: top;\">The default test plugin to execute.</td> </tr> <tr> "
3972"<td></td><td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width=\"10%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;"
3973"\">R</td><td width=\"90%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">A router of a "
3974"subnet.</td> </tr> <tr> <td></td><td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width=\"10%\" "
3975"style=\"vertical-align: top;\">P</td><td width=\"90%\" style=\"vertical-"
3976"align: top;\">A subnet node with two key values, the first one for "
3977"identifying the subnet and the second for identifying the node in the subnet."
3978"</td> </tr> <tr> <td></td><td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width=\"10%\" style="
3979"\"vertical-align: top;\">connect</td><td width=\"90%\" style=\"vertical-"
3980"align: top;\">Can be one of several grouped values of the P, K or R key. "
3981"Configuring a connection to another node. </br></br> The value of the "
3982"connect key is a node key (P or K) with two resp. one number value "
3983"identifying the node, and an additional value configuring a protocol. </br></"
3984"br> If the connect key is used in a line configuring a node it is used to "
3985"configure a connection, which will result in the node identified by the line "
3986"P or K key will try to connect nodes also identified with the P or K key via "
3987"the configured protocol.</td> </tr> <tr> <td></td><td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td "
3988"width=\"10%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">tcp_port</td><td width=\"90%\" "
3989"style=\"vertical-align: top;\">Can be a grouped value of the R key. The "
3990"value of the tcp_port can be 0 or 1, if a port forwarding to the first "
3991"(index 1) node of a subnet is not or is configured for the tcp protocol.</"
3992"td> </tr> <tr> <td></td><td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width=\"10%\" style="
3993"\"vertical-align: top;\">udp_port</td><td width=\"90%\" style=\"vertical-"
3994"align: top;\">Can be a grouped value of the R key. The value of the tcp_port "
3995"can be 0 or 1, if a port forwarding to the first (index 1) node of a subnet "
3996"is not or is configured for the udp protocol.</td> </tr> <tr> <td></td><td> "
3997"</td> </tr> <tr> <td width=\"10%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">plugin</"
3998"td><td width=\"90%\" style=\"vertical-align: top;\">Can be a grouped value "
3999"of the P or K key. The value is the name of a plugin which will run on that "
4000"peer instead of the default plugin defined by key K.</td> </tr> </table>"
4001msgstr ""
3429#: template/news/index.html.j2:45 4003#: template/news/index.html.j2:45
3430msgid "News archives:" 4004msgid "News archives:"
3431msgstr "アーカイブ" 4005msgstr "アーカイブ"
@@ -3550,6 +4124,26 @@ msgid ""
3550"authorized it to access using the respective key." 4124"authorized it to access using the respective key."
3551msgstr "" 4125msgstr ""
3552 4126
4127#~ msgid "Cadet-GTK"
4128#~ msgstr "Cadet-GTK"
4130#, fuzzy
4131#~| msgid ""
4132#~| "<a href=\"https://gitlab.com/gnunet-messenger/cadet-gtk\">Cadet-GTK</a> "
4133#~| "is a convenient but feature-rich graphical application providing "
4134#~| "messaging using especially the CADET subsystem. It is developed using "
4135#~| "GTK and libhandy for a convergent design."
4136#~ msgid ""
4137#~ "<a href=\"https://gitlab.com/gnunet-messenger/cadet-gtk\">Cadet-GTK</a> "
4138#~ "is a convenient but feature-rich graphical application providing "
4139#~ "messaging using the CADET subsystem. It is developed using GTK and "
4140#~ "libhandy for a convergent design."
4141#~ msgstr ""
4142#~ "<a href=\"https://gitlab.com/gnunet-messenger/cadet-gtk\">Cadet-GTK</a> "
4143#~ "は、高い利便性と豊富な機能を備えたグラフィカル アプリケーションで、特に "
4144#~ "CADET サブシステムを使用してメッセージ機能を提供します。GTK と libhandy を"
4145#~ "利用して開発されいます。"
3553#~ msgid "The IRC channel" 4147#~ msgid "The IRC channel"
3554#~ msgstr "IRC チャネル" 4148#~ msgstr "IRC チャネル"
3555 4149