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+<A NAME="gsoc2019"></A>2019-02: Topics for GSoC 2019
+<h4>Android Port</h4>
+It is time for GNUnet to run properly on Android. Note that
+GNUnet is written in C, and this is not about rewriting
+GNUnet in Java, but about getting the C code to run on Android.
+Mentor: <a href="">Hartmut Goebel</a>
+<h4>Help with Continuous Integration setup</h4>
+There is a push for migrating our CI to Gitlab. The CI should
+eventually not just run "make check" on various platforms, but also
+perform tests with multiple peers running in different VMs with
+specific network topologies (i.e. NAT) between them being simulated.
+The CI should also be integrated with Gauger for performance
+regression analysis. Running jobs only when dependencies have changed
+and scripting more granular triggers or ideally automatic dependency
+discovery (as done by the autotools) is also important.
+Mentor: TBD