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+<h1>libgnunetchat 0.1.3 released</h1>
+This is mostly a bugfix and compatibility release for libgnunetchat 0.1.2. But it will also change the build process of libgnunetchat to use Meson instead of GNU Automake and it will ensure compatibility with latest changes in GNUnet 0.19.0. The required version of GNUnet to build this library is 0.19.3 for compatibility reasons though.
+<h4>Download links</h4>
+ <li><a href="">libgnunetchat-0.1.3.tar.xz</a></li>
+ <li><a href="">libgnunetchat-0.1.3.tar.xz.sig</a></li>
+The GPG key used to sign is: <a href="">3D11063C10F98D14BD24D1470B0998EF86F59B6A</a>
+Note that due to mirror synchronization, not all links may be functional
+early after the release. For direct access try
+<a href=""></a>
+{% endblock body_content %}