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<p>Our browser has to be configured so it uses our proxy. In Firefox we have to set these options under "about:config":</p>
-network.proxy.socks: localhost<br>
-network.proxy.socks_port: 7777<br>
-network.proxy.socks_remote_dns true<br>
-network.proxy.socks.type: 1
+network.proxy.socks: localhost<br>
+network.proxy.socks_port: 7777<br>
+network.proxy.socks_remote_dns true<br>
+network.proxy.type: 1
<p>Now we should be able to resolve our GNS names in the browser! We just have to type "https://ccc.myself" into the address bar. If our friend Bob prepared his system, too, he can resolve our record by typing "ccc.alice.myself".</p>