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We recommend to use binary packages provided by your Operating System's
package manager. GNUnet is reportedly available for at least:
-GNU Guix, Nix, Debian, ALT Linux, Archlinux, Deepin, Devuan, Hyperbola,
-Kali Linux, LEDE/OpenWRT, Manjaro, Parabola, Pardus, Parrot, PureOS,
-Raspbian, Rosa, Trisquel, and Ubuntu.
+ALT Linux, Archlinux, Debian, Deepin, Devuan, GNU Guix, Hyperbola,
+Kali Linux, LEDE/OpenWRT, Manjaro, Nix, Parabola, Pardus, Parrot,
+PureOS, Raspbian, Rosa, Trisquel, and Ubuntu.
If GNUnet is available for your Operating System and it is missing,
send us feedback so that we can add it to this list. Furthermore, if