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We want portable shell scripts, not plain bash-specific scripts.
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@@ -95,14 +95,23 @@ of languages, in order of preference:
@item C
@item Portable Shell Scripts
-@item Bash Scripts
-@c Nim ?
@item Python (@geq{}3.6)
@end enumerate
We welcome efforts to remove our existing python-2.7 scripts to
-replace them either with Bash or, at your choice, python-3.6+.
+replace them either with portable shell scripts or,
+at your choice, python-3.6+.
If you contribute new python based testcases, we advise you to
not repeat our past misfortunes and write the tests in a standard
test framework like for example pytest.
+For writing portable shell scripts, these tools are useful:
+@uref{, Shellcheck},
+@uref{, checkbashisms},
+and @uref{}
+@c You could also run "bin/check_shell_script" (which we still have
+@c to write).