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in order of minor flaws to major issues, by module:
* FS still has a few missing features, but largely works
- * DATASTORE is O(n) where it should be O(log n) for some operations
- * TRANSPORT-UDP does not work (only messages < 1500 bytes, no fragmentation)
* TESTING does not support incremental HELLO changes
* TRANSPORT ATS is not used for actual bandwidth assignment,
important options to make it truly useful are still missing
- * NAT traversal partially works for TCP (ICMP-based method only)
* MESH does not work (mock API emulates for VPN)
* VPN is experimental
* TRANSPORT-WLAN is experimental
* CHAT is experimental, has known bugs and was not reviewed yet
* MONKEY is highly experimental
- * FRAGMENTATION library is not implemented
With this release we will finally start with
a detailed accounting of changes in the ChangeLog.