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@@ -83,16 +83,14 @@ service was implemented a day before systemd was announced. From 2009
to 2014 work progressed rapidly thanks to a significant research grant
from the Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft. This resulted in particular
in the creation of the R5N DHT, CADET, ATS and the GNU Name System.
-@c So is it secushare or SecuShare?
In 2010, GNUnet was selected as the basis for the
-@uref{, SecuShare} online
+@uref{, secushare} online
social network, resulting in a significant growth of the core team.
In 2013, we launched @uref{, GNU Taler} to address
the challenge of convenient
and privacy-preserving online payments. In 2015, the
-@c TODO: URL for pEp. Maybe even markup for the E if it renders in
-@c TODO: most outputs.
-@uref{, pEp}@footnote{pretty easy privacy} project
+@c TODO: Maybe even markup for the E if it renders in most outputs.
+@uref{, pEp}@footnote{pretty easy privacy} project
announced that they will use GNUnet as the technology for their
meta-data protection layer, ultimately resulting in GNUnet e.V.
entering into a formal long-term collaboration with the pEp