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@@ -2122,6 +2122,19 @@ The client_id will be the public key of the client.
As a redirect URI, you may use any globally unique DNS or GNS URI.
The client description will be displayed to the user on authorization.
+Any website or relying party must use the endpoint
+https://api.reclaim/openid/authorize in its authorization redirects, e.g.
+<a href="https://api.reclaim/openid/authorize?client_id=<PKEY>\
+ &scope=email\
+ &redirect_uri=<redirect_uri>\
+ &nonce=<random>">Login</a>
+@end example
+This will direct the user's browser onto his local reclaimID instance.
+After giving consent, you will be provided with the OpenID Connect authorization
+code according to the specifications at your provided redirect URI.
@node Using the Virtual Public Network
@section Using the Virtual Public Network