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committerGabor X Toth <*>2014-03-06 23:46:45 +0000
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PSYC: implement slave to master requests, tests, fixes, reorg
Multicast lib: handle member to origin requests. Keep track of members and origins and call their callbacks when necessary.
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diff --git a/src/include/gnunet_social_service.h b/src/include/gnunet_social_service.h
index 8bd1a959f..98ad88346 100644
--- a/src/include/gnunet_social_service.h
+++ b/src/include/gnunet_social_service.h
@@ -375,12 +375,11 @@ GNUNET_SOCIAL_home_announce_cancel (struct GNUNET_SOCIAL_Announcement *a);
* Convert our home to a place so we can access it via the place API.
* @param home Handle for the home.
- * @param keep_active Keep home active after last application disconnected.
* @return Place handle for the same home, valid as long as @a home is valid;
* do NOT try to GNUNET_SOCIAL_place_leave() this place, it's your home!
struct GNUNET_SOCIAL_Place *
-GNUNET_SOCIAL_home_get_place (struct GNUNET_SOCIAL_Home *home, int keep_active);
+GNUNET_SOCIAL_home_get_place (struct GNUNET_SOCIAL_Home *home);
@@ -390,9 +389,10 @@ GNUNET_SOCIAL_home_get_place (struct GNUNET_SOCIAL_Home *home, int keep_active);
* Guests will be disconnected until the home is restarted.
* @param home Home to leave.
+ * @param keep_active Keep home active after last application disconnected.
-GNUNET_SOCIAL_home_leave (struct GNUNET_SOCIAL_Home *home);
+GNUNET_SOCIAL_home_leave (struct GNUNET_SOCIAL_Home *home, int keep_active);
* Request entry to a place (home hosted by someone else).