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+# compute a simple scalar product
+# payload for this test:
+INPUTBOB="-k CCC -e '"
+for X in `seq 1 $SIZE`
+# necessary to make the testing prefix deterministic, so we can access the config files
+PREFIX=/tmp/test-scalarproduct`date +%H%M%S`
+# where can we find the peers config files?
+CFGALICE="-c $PREFIX/0/config"
+CFGBOB="-c $PREFIX/1/config"
+# launch two peers in line topology non-interactively
+# interactive mode would terminate the test immediately
+# because the rest of the script is already in stdin,
+# thus redirecting stdin does not suffice)
+GNUNET_TESTING_PREFIX=$PREFIX ../testbed/gnunet-testbed-profiler -n -c test_scalarproduct.conf -p 2 &
+# sleep 1 is too short on most systems, 2 works on most, 5 seems to be safe
+echo "Waiting for peers to start..."
+sleep 5
+# get Bob's peer ID, necessary for Alice
+PEERIDBOB=`gnunet-peerinfo -qs $CFGBOB`
+echo "Running problem of size $SIZE"
+gnunet-scalarproduct $CFGBOB $INPUTBOB &
+time RESULT=`gnunet-scalarproduct $CFGALICE $INPUTALICE -p $PEERIDBOB`
+echo "Terminating testbed..."
+# terminate the testbed
+kill $PID