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Swap gnunet-config's default behaviour for the rewrite flag
With the previous default, a configuration file could keep values different from the defaults even when the user did not explicitly edit that option, potentially leading to buggy behaviour. For example: GNUnet's version X+1 changes the default value for a certain option A, but anyone who has edited the configuration file with version X or earlier, would still have got the old default for A even when updating to version X+1. It was possible to write only the edited parts, but that required explicitly passing the `--rewrite' (or `-w') flag. The default behaviour has now been swapped so that the resulting file contains only differences, while a "frozen" configuration is generated with the `--rewrite' flag. Also, as it's a minor change: a function used internally by the logging component was using translated strings to check the requested log level. This behaviour is buggy as passing an untranslated string to e.g. `GNUNET_log_setup', while the current locale is different and a translation for that string exists, would generate a different log level than the one requested.
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