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-#!/usr/bin/env bash
-trap "gnunet-arm -e -c test_credential_lookup.conf" SIGINT
-LOCATION=$(which gnunet-config)
-if [ -z $LOCATION ]
- LOCATION="gnunet-config"
-$LOCATION --version 1> /dev/null
-if test $? != 0
- echo "GNUnet command line tools cannot be found, check environmental variables PATH and GNUNET_PREFIX"
- exit 77
-rm -rf `gnunet-config -c test_credential_lookup.conf -s PATHS -o GNUNET_HOME -f`
-# (1) Service.user -> GNU.project.member
-# (2) GNU.project -> GNUnet
-# (3) GNUnet.member -> GNUnet.developer
-# (4) GNUnet.member -> GNUnet.user
-# (5) GNUnet.developer -> Alice
-which timeout > /dev/null 2>&1 && DO_TIMEOUT="timeout 30"
-gnunet-arm -s -c test_credential_lookup.conf
-gnunet-identity -C service -c test_credential_lookup.conf
-gnunet-identity -C alice -c test_credential_lookup.conf
-gnunet-identity -C gnu -c test_credential_lookup.conf
-gnunet-identity -C gnunet -c test_credential_lookup.conf
-GNU_KEY=$(gnunet-identity -d -c test_credential_lookup.conf | grep gnu | grep -v gnunet | awk '{print $3}')
-ALICE_KEY=$(gnunet-identity -d -c test_credential_lookup.conf | grep alice | awk '{print $3}')
-GNUNET_KEY=$(gnunet-identity -d -c test_credential_lookup.conf | grep gnunet | awk '{print $3}')
-SERVICE_KEY=$(gnunet-identity -d -c test_credential_lookup.conf | grep service | awk '{print $3}')
-# (1) A service assigns the attribute "user" to all entities that have been assigned "member" by entities that werde assigned "project" from GNU
-gnunet-namestore -p -z service -a -n $USER_ATTR -t ATTR -V "$GNU_KEY $GNU_PROJECT_ATTR.$MEMBER_ATTR" -e 5m -c test_credential_lookup.conf
-# (2) GNU recognized GNUnet as a GNU project and delegates the "project" attribute
-gnunet-namestore -p -z gnu -a -n $GNU_PROJECT_ATTR -t ATTR -V "$GNUNET_KEY" -e 5m -c test_credential_lookup.conf
-# (3+4) GNUnet assigns the attribute "member" to all entities gnunet has also assigned "developer" or "user"
-gnunet-namestore -p -z gnunet -a -n $MEMBER_ATTR -t ATTR -V "$GNUNET_KEY $DEVELOPER_ATTR" -e 5m -c test_credential_lookup.conf
-gnunet-namestore -p -z gnunet -a -n $MEMBER_ATTR -t ATTR -V "$GNUNET_KEY $USER_ATTR" -e 5m -c test_credential_lookup.conf
-# (5) GNUnet issues Alice the credential "developer"
-CRED=`$DO_TIMEOUT gnunet-credential --issue --ego=gnunet --subject=$ALICE_KEY --attribute=$DEV_ATTR --ttl=5m -c test_credential_lookup.conf`
-# Alice stores the credential under "mygnunetcreds"
-gnunet-namestore -p -z alice -a -n $TEST_CREDENTIAL -t CRED -V "$CRED" -e 5m -c test_credential_lookup.conf
-#TODO2 Add -z swich like in gnunet-gns
-#RES_CRED=`gnunet-credential --verify --issuer=$SERVICE_KEY --attribute=$USER_ATTR --subject=$ALICE_KEY --credential=$TEST_CREDENTIAL -c test_credential_lookup.conf`
-gnunet-arm -i rest -c test_credential_lookup.conf
-sleep 5
-CREDS=`curl "localhost:7776/credential/collect?attribute=$SERVICE_KEY.$USER_ATTR&subject=alice"`
-echo $CREDS
-curl -v "localhost:7776/credential/verify?attribute=$SERVICE_KEY.$USER_ATTR&subject_key=$ALICE_KEY" --data "$CREDS"
-#TODO cleanup properly
-gnunet-namestore -z alice -d -n $TEST_CREDENTIAL -t CRED -e never -c test_credential_lookup.conf
-gnunet-namestore -z gnu -d -n $GNU_PROJECT_ATTR -t ATTR -c test_credential_lookup.conf
-gnunet-namestore -z gnunet -d -n $MEMBER_ATTR -t ATTR -c test_credential_lookup.conf
-gnunet-namestore -z service -d -n $USER_ATTR -t ATTR -c test_credential_lookup.conf
-gnunet-arm -e -c test_credential_lookup.conf
-if [ "$RES_CRED" != "Failed." ]
- # TODO: replace echo -e bashism
- echo -e "${RES_CRED}"
- exit 0
- echo "FAIL: Failed to verify credential $RES_CRED."
- exit 1