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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-03-28Add .patch to gitignoreNils Gillmann
2018-03-28Add emacs-based editors temp files to gitignoreNils Gillmann
2018-01-20ignChristian Grothoff
2018-01-19gitignore: Add non-public gnunet-doc.scm which happens to reside in the tree ...ng0
2017-02-20ignore kdevelop filesBart Polot
2017-01-31updating gitignores and POTFILESChristian Grothoff
2016-11-09- add subdirectory gitignore filesBart Polot
2016-08-09attempt at a .gitignore file for those who git itCarlo von lynX
2015-03-20- remove .gitignoresBart Polot
2015-03-10- several minor fixesJulius B√ľnger
2014-12-15- ignoreBart Polot
2014-12-05Import RPSBart Polot
2014-10-15- ignoresBart Polot
2014-10-15- ignore for gitBart Polot
2014-06-24- ignoreBart Polot
2014-06-17- ignoreBart Polot
2014-06-17- ignoreBart Polot
2014-05-23- rename testsBart Polot
2014-05-23- ignore testsBart Polot
2014-05-07- update gitignore with new mesh/cadet filenamesBart Polot
2014-04-09- ignoreBart Polot
2014-04-08- ignoreBart Polot
2014-04-08- ignore logsBart Polot
2014-03-21- ignoreBart Polot
2014-03-17- gitignoreBart Polot
2014-03-07- Add gitignoreSree Harsha Totakura