Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.gnunet.org/gnunetv0.20.0Martin Schanzenbach2023-09-10
| * -fix warningChristian Grothoff2023-09-10
* | gnsrecord: forgot to initialize buffer for parsingMartin Schanzenbach2023-09-10
* | quic: fix build on systems w/o sin_lenMartin Schanzenbach2023-09-10
* | BUILD: Update news for 0.20Martin Schanzenbach2023-09-10
* DOC: Update sphinx/gana before releaseMartin Schanzenbach2023-09-10
* NEWS: GNUNET_TESTING_get_testname_from_underscore renamed to GNUNET_STRINGS_g...Christian Grothoff2023-09-09
* DOC: Update gana and sphinxMartin Schanzenbach2023-09-08
* MESSENGER: Update private message struct, increase service version to 0.2TheJackiMonster2023-09-08
* -pot updateChristian Grothoff2023-09-08
* bump GANAChristian Grothoff2023-09-08
* -fixChristian Grothoff2023-09-08
* -fixChristian Grothoff2023-09-08
* -minor type and indentation fixesChristian Grothoff2023-09-08
* remove LICENSEChristian Grothoff2023-09-07
* bump versions for v0.20.0Christian Grothoff2023-09-07
* DOCS: Update recent handbook, gana, new sphinx theme dependencyMartin Schanzenbach2023-09-06
* - uncrustifyMartin Schanzenbach2023-08-28
* REVOCATION: Rename GNS recovation signature purposeMartin Schanzenbach2023-08-28
* GANA/SPHINX: Update submodulesMartin Schanzenbach2023-08-28
* -fix issue with multiple dbinit running concurrentlyChristian Grothoff2023-08-27
* -match prototypeChristian Grothoff2023-08-27
* TNG(quic): Review pass and FIXME organizationMartin Schanzenbach2023-08-27
* quic: fix mq_sendmarshall2023-08-24
* quic: differentiate receivermarshall2023-08-23
* quic: remove debug msgmarshall2023-08-23
* quic: process peeridmarshall2023-08-22
* quic: logsmarshall2023-08-22
* quic: update logsmarshall2023-08-22
* quic: add peer to addr_map before try handshakemarshall2023-08-21
* quic: move connection checking into recv_from_streamsmarshall2023-08-21
* quic: nat bug fixmarshall2023-08-21
* quic: remove hnmarshall2023-08-21
* -minor bugfixes, adding FIXMEsChristian Grothoff2023-08-15
* no silent label truncationChristian Grothoff2023-08-15
* assert run is non-null for most cmds, except endChristian Grothoff2023-08-15
* NEWS: Move GNUNET_s into libgnunetutil.Christian Grothoff2023-08-15
* -add pq libChristian Grothoff2023-08-15
* -indentChristian Grothoff2023-08-12
* IDENTITY: Fix inplace encryptionTheJackiMonster2023-08-07
* MESSENGER: UncrustifyTheJackiMonster2023-08-07
* MESSENGER: Update private message using new IDENTITY encyptionTheJackiMonster2023-08-07
* TNG: Uncrustify, comment.Martin Schanzenbach2023-08-05
* TNG: TCP communicator code KX needs to be checked per connection, not globallyMartin Schanzenbach2023-08-05
* TNG: TCP rekey from 4GB to 400MBMartin Schanzenbach2023-08-05
* quic communicator: add nat handlermarshall2023-08-03
* quic tests: add basic config filesmarshall2023-08-03
* transport Makefile: quic test basicmarshall2023-08-03
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin'v0.19.5-talerdev.3Martin Schanzenbach2023-07-30
| * pq: re-introduce compiler annotation for array sizeÖzgür Kesim2023-07-30