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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 days-cleanupMartin Schanzenbach
5 daysBUILD: Kill infinibandMartin Schanzenbach
8 days-fallback to .version file outside of gitMartin Schanzenbach
8 days-trim properlyMartin Schanzenbach
8 days-bashismMartin Schanzenbach
8 days-exec flagMartin Schanzenbach
8 daysBUILD: Add version from git tagsMartin Schanzenbach
13 days-fix a misunderstanding with pkg-configAlessio Vanni
2021-09-22The differences between the contrib subdirectory in the git repository and th...Christian Grothoff
2021-09-17Merge branch 'dev/vanni/build-info' into 'master'Alessio Vanni
2021-09-17madmurphy writes:Christian Grothoff
2021-09-16fix typos spotted by madmurphyChristian Grothoff
2021-09-13- added tng milestone 2 versions with improvements onto version 1 files , fix...t3sserakt
2021-09-07-Merge branch 'master' into dev/vanni/build-infoAlessio Vanni
2021-09-01add fix for GNUnet directory permissions by madmurphyChristian Grothoff
2021-08-31gnunet.m4: add flag to disable debug messagesAlessio Vanni
2021-08-30-removed tmp files from netjailTheJackiMonster
2021-08-28-added ppid prefix to netjail netns and interfacesTheJackiMonster
2021-08-28-add files from madmurphy so that other distros may benefitChristian Grothoff
2021-08-24-remove pthread dependency, add additional libexec binary to gnunet packageChristian Grothoff
2021-08-24-remove dead ats-tests, fix strange Debian build issuesChristian Grothoff
2021-08-03Autoconf macro to detect GNUnet installationsAlessio Vanni
2021-07-31-removed process namespaces from netjail scriptTheJackiMonster
2021-07-21-fix build macosMartin Schanzenbach
2021-07-20-fix deb build issuesChristian Grothoff
2021-07-01-added global nodes without NAT to netjailTheJackiMonster
2021-05-19-Merge branch 'dev/vanni/fcfsd'Alessio Vanni
2021-05-07[FCFSD] Provide a better user experienceAlessio Vanni
2021-05-07-added signal handling and proper cleanup to netjailTheJackiMonster
2021-05-03-added binary check to netjail and set stunserver fixedTheJackiMonster
2021-05-02-corrected sub-process cleanup for netjailTheJackiMonster
2021-05-02-added optional stunserver to netjail scriptTheJackiMonster
2021-04-26-fix misc typosChristian Grothoff
2021-04-24Swap gnunet-config's default behaviour for the rewrite flagAlessio Vanni
2021-04-24RECLAIM: Added libpabc credential Schanzenbach
2021-04-19-first netjail setup with NATs integratedTheJackiMonster
2021-04-18-fix linker flagsChristian Grothoff
2021-02-15try to fix depsChristian Grothoff
2021-02-15further work on libgnunet minimizationChristian Grothoff
2020-08-11- update from submoduleMartin Schanzenbach
2020-08-03fix typeChristian Grothoff
2020-08-01-fix redirect creationMartin Schanzenbach
2020-08-01fix: reclaim urlenc / revert accidental changeMartin Schanzenbach
2020-07-16support context-wide client authenticationChristian Grothoff
2020-07-06fix: update test hostkeysMartin Schanzenbach
2020-07-05update changelogMartin Schanzenbach
2020-07-03fix typoChristian Grothoff
2020-05-27- do not include commits with - prefixed to message in changelog deltaMartin Schanzenbach
2020-05-27add lastlog scriptMartin Schanzenbach
2020-04-09fix interpreter line of gnunet-bugreportnikita