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2020-05-27Make REQUEST_AGPL messages configurable and add handler by defaultAlessio Vanni
2020-04-21make GNUNET_freez default, have GNUNET_free_nz for cases where that does not ...Christian Grothoff
2020-04-11fixing #6149Christian Grothoff
2020-01-17include buffer in main util headerChristian Grothoff
2019-11-21replace wether with whether (thanks Efraim Flashner <>)ng0
2019-11-08add $(GN_LIBINTL) to (fixes 0005902)xrs
2019-10-31tighten formatting rulesChristian Grothoff
2019-10-25follow-up to win32 removal.ng0
2019-10-05global reindent, now with uncrustify hook enabledChristian Grothoff
2019-09-10remove CYGWIN codeblocks, drop vendored Windows openvpn, drop win32 specific ...ng0
2019-09-08uncrustify as demanded.ng0
2019-09-06first step to remove plibcng0
2019-08-06clarify incorrect comment identified by Alessio Vanni on the gnunet-developer...Christian Grothoff
2019-08-01eliminate nonsensical compareSchanzenbach, Martin
2019-07-23reverting part of fix for #5818Schanzenbach, Martin
2019-07-23temporary fix for #5818Schanzenbach, Martin
2019-07-21Merge branch 'cadet-new-options't3sserakt
2019-07-17remove duplication MQ options, make conversation buildChristian Grothoff
2019-07-17simplifyChristian Grothoff
2019-07-10fixed broken api calls in test; fixed broken protocolt3sserakt
2019-06-27use GNUNET_strlcpy instead of strncpy where possiblelurchi
2019-06-26fixed chanel_get_infot3sserakt
2019-06-26Merge branch 'cadet_option' of ssh:// into cadet_optiont3sserakt
2019-06-26removed channel attributest3sserakt
2019-06-26added per message GNUNET_MQ_PriorityPreferencest3sserakt
2019-06-26removed GNUNET_CADET_ChannelOptiont3sserakt
2019-06-25added per message GNUNET_MQ_PriorityPreferencest3sserakt
2019-06-25Merge branch 'master' into cadet_optiont3sserakt
2019-06-24add per-message ppChristian Grothoff
2019-06-24removed GNUNET_CADET_ChannelOptiont3sserakt
2019-06-22finish #4623Christian Grothoff
2019-06-04misc bugfixesChristian Grothoff
2019-04-26memcmp() -> GNUNET_memcmp(), first takeJulius B√ľnger
2019-04-06introduce GNUNET_memcmp() and GNUNET_is_zero()Christian Grothoff
2019-03-09cadet/ still bash, leaving only PIPESTATUSng0
2019-02-28prevent unordered message delivery, everywhereSchanzenbach, Martin
2019-02-28prevent unordered message deliverySchanzenbach, Martin
2019-02-27sanity checksSchanzenbach, Martin
2019-02-27fix missing NBO conversionsChristian Grothoff
2019-02-26improve future calculations if messages are skipped in unreliable in-order ch...Christian Grothoff
2019-02-26check for ACKed MIDSchanzenbach, Martin
2019-02-26try fix #5597Schanzenbach, Martin
2019-02-25improve loggingChristian Grothoff
2019-02-14skip instead of fail hard on testbed link failures in cadet testsChristian Grothoff
2019-02-13trying to fix #5532Christian Grothoff
2019-02-09untested fix for #5511Christian Grothoff
2019-01-27in principle finished with #5385, could use some testing...Christian Grothoff
2019-01-27more work towards fixing #5385Christian Grothoff
2019-01-27more work towards fixing #5385Christian Grothoff