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2020-05-25add option to create identity from private keyspaeth/import_identityjospaeth
2020-05-22add option to show private keyMartin Schanzenbach
2020-05-09add json response headers to rest pluginsSchanzenbach, Martin
2020-02-14fix identity restSchanzenbach, Martin
2019-10-31tighten formatting rulesChristian Grothoff
2019-10-11fix changes in identitiesSchanzenbach, Martin
2019-10-05global reindent, now with uncrustify hook enabledChristian Grothoff
2019-09-08uncrustify as demanded.ng0
2019-07-15enable suspend resume for RESTSchanzenbach, Martin
2019-05-08make generated ego key available in continuation when creating egosChristian Grothoff
2019-04-25IDENTITY/REST: gracefully return if no identities foundSchanzenbach, Martin
2019-03-12move identity rest pluginSchanzenbach, Martin
2018-08-13fix build; move rest plugins to separate folderSchanzenbach, Martin
2018-08-12rewrite error handling and subsystem PUTPhil
2018-08-11split namespace of put request in identity rest apiPhil
2018-08-11added additional namespaces in identity rest apiPhil
2018-08-05Identity REST API finishedPhil
2018-08-02fix lowercase identitiesPhil
2018-07-26change namestore, json handling; fix identity, gnsPhil
2018-07-25added name searchPhil
2018-07-25-fix identity filePhil
2018-06-25Identity+GNS Rest changed and fixedPhil
2018-06-11-Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// into gsoc2018/rest_apiPhil
2018-06-10-wip error gnsPhil
2018-06-07paragraph for gnunet devs that don't know how to use the webpsyc://loupsycedyglgamf.onion/~lynX
2018-06-07glitch in the license text detected by hyazinthe, thank you!psyc://loupsycedyglgamf.onion/~lynX
2018-06-05first batch of license fixes (boring)psyc://loupsycedyglgamf.onion/~lynX
2018-06-05cleanup identity rest api, removed jsonapi includesPhil
2018-06-04identity rest api - finished and added test_scriptPhil
2018-06-02removed jsonapi structuresPhil
2018-06-02-wip remove jsonapi from identityPhil
2018-01-10fix scheduler when add_select is called with 0 ready fdsSchanzenbach, Martin
2018-01-05-fix possible npeSchanzenbach, Martin
2016-12-18-fixesSchanzenbach, Martin
2016-07-08-avoid calling memcpy() with NULL argument, even if len is 0Christian Grothoff
2016-06-20- fix warningsMartin Schanzenbach
2016-06-18- fix more rest and jsonapiMartin Schanzenbach
2016-06-18- fix rest pluginMartin Schanzenbach
2016-05-05- refactor jsonpi utils, add testMartin Schanzenbach
2016-05-04Update jsonapi to current specs, refactorMartin Schanzenbach
2016-05-04- rework rest/jsonapi API; bugfixesMartin Schanzenbach
2016-05-03- add jsonapi testsMartin Schanzenbach
2016-05-02- Refactor jsonapi into separate moduleMartin Schanzenbach
2016-04-30implementing new scheduler shutdown semanticsChristian Grothoff
2016-04-09small API change: do no longer pass rarely needed GNUNET_SCHEDULER_TaskContex...Christian Grothoff
2016-01-19-fix (C) noticesChristian Grothoff
2015-09-15- fixesMartin Schanzenbach
2015-09-14- purge token creation from pluginMartin Schanzenbach
2015-09-14- revert plugin move. Add new identity-tokenMartin Schanzenbach
2015-09-11- move rest plugins into rest directory where they belongMartin Schanzenbach