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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-17deps are now required, no need for definesMartin Schanzenbach
2020-05-06introduce have_rest; fix warningsSchanzenbach, Martin
2020-05-06improve configure messages for rest and reclaimSchanzenbach, Martin
2020-02-09consolidate reclaim attribute libSchanzenbach, Martin
2019-10-25follow-up to win32 removal.ng0
2019-09-10remove CYGWIN codeblocks, drop vendored Windows openvpn, drop win32 specific ...ng0
2019-09-04support for PKCE extensionAlexia Pagkopoulou
2019-08-27Use pkg-config to check for MHDDavid Barksdale
2019-05-22clang-format and cleanupSchanzenbach, Martin
2019-05-08RECLAIM: Fix shutdown; testsSchanzenbach, Martin
2019-04-30fix make distSchanzenbach, Martin
2019-04-14RECLAIM: remove sqlite plugin; housekeepingSchanzenbach, Martin
2019-04-14RECLAIM: refactoring; cleanupSchanzenbach, Martin
2019-04-14RECLAIM: improve helpSchanzenbach, Martin
2019-04-14RECLAIM: Start move to GNS encryptionSchanzenbach, Martin
2019-04-09RECLAIM: fix build with new flagsSchanzenbach, Martin
2019-03-12add mhd ifdefSchanzenbach, Martin
2019-03-12move reclaim and gns back into subdirsSchanzenbach, Martin
2019-02-28reclaim: include reclaim.conf in dist sourcesDaniel Golle
2018-08-13fix build; move rest plugins to separate folderSchanzenbach, Martin
2018-07-23refactoring of OIDC pluginSchanzenbach, Martin
2018-07-22fix buildSchanzenbach, Martin
2018-07-19renamed identity-provider subsystem to reclaimSchanzenbach, Martin