path: root/src/scalarproduct/gnunet-service-scalarproduct-ecc_bob.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-09-20convert non-ecc scalarproducts to new service APIChristian Grothoff
2016-09-20converting scalarproduct ecc-bob to new service apiChristian Grothoff
2016-09-20converting scalarproduct alice-ecc to new service APIChristian Grothoff
2016-08-10use non-constant ports for CADET with scalarproductChristian Grothoff
2016-07-20- fix CADET-using servicesBart Polot
2016-07-08-avoid calling memcpy() with NULL argument, even if len is 0Christian Grothoff
2016-07-06-fix misc issuesChristian Grothoff
2016-06-27-handle disconnect case more nicelyChristian Grothoff
2016-05-06fixing compiler warningsChristian Grothoff
2016-04-30implementing new scheduler shutdown semanticsChristian Grothoff
2016-04-09small API change: do no longer pass rarely needed GNUNET_SCHEDULER_TaskContex...Christian Grothoff
2016-01-19-fix (C) noticesChristian Grothoff
2015-09-05-fix computationChristian Grothoff
2015-09-05-towards ECC variant of SPChristian Grothoff
2015-09-05starting ECC-variant, but for now just a straight copyChristian Grothoff