BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
b0.9.76hotfix releaseChristian Grothoff7 months
b0.9.77Released GNU libmicrohttpd 0.9.77Evgeny Grin (Karlson2k)4 months
branche_EdouardstuffEdouard LEFIZELIER3 months
debug-testsuite-netbsdAdd debug functions.ng04 years
dev/ng0/gsoc2019Revert "connection.c: remove dead code."ng04 years
gsoc2019/wrapperfix #5773Christian Grothoff4 years
masterHelper scripts: minor simplificationEvgeny Grin (Karlson2k)2 days
v0.9.77commit 19fb117153...Evgeny Grin (Karlson2k)4 months
v0.9.76commit 4a51f653a2...Christian Grothoff7 months
v0.9.75commit 940041ad78...Evgeny Grin (Karlson2k)21 months
v0.9.74commit a4ae51f581...Evgeny Grin (Karlson2k)22 months
v0.9.73commit 7b93a775cd...Evgeny Grin (Karlson2k)2 years
v0.9.72commit f7c5c302a3...Evgeny Grin (Karlson2k)3 years
v0.9.71commit a110ae6276...Christian Grothoff3 years
v0.9.70commit fe6716d103...Christian Grothoff4 years
v0.9.69commit 3a661f8675...Christian Grothoff4 years
v0.9.68commit 86186edbf3...Christian Grothoff4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2 daysHelper scripts: minor simplificationHEADmasterEvgeny Grin (Karlson2k)
2 daysUpdated HTTP methods, headers and reason phrasesEvgeny Grin (Karlson2k)
2 daysUpdated helper scriptsEvgeny Grin (Karlson2k)
7 daysFixed compatibility with more old compilersEvgeny Grin (Karlson2k)
7 daysFixed more compiler warningsEvgeny Grin (Karlson2k)
7 daysCorrection for 93bc2751bf5a04380de4435877344418bbeec770Evgeny Grin (Karlson2k)
7 daysImproved compatibility with old compilersEvgeny Grin (Karlson2k)
7 daysImplemented correct processing of chunked request encoding with BWS in chunk ...Evgeny Grin (Karlson2k)
7 daysUnified bare LF as CRLF handling for request chunked encodingEvgeny Grin (Karlson2k)
7 daysconnection: added helper macroEvgeny Grin (Karlson2k)