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@@ -42,21 +42,18 @@ Development Status
This is a beta release. Below we list things that should be
implemented (in order of importance) before we can claim to be
reasonably complete. #XXXX refers to the respective Mantis bug report
-(or feature request). ARCH indicates that implementing this feature
-may require non-trivial ARCHitectural changes in the code. API
-indicates that implementing the feature will require API changes.
-TRIV indicates that implementing this feature should be TRIVial. TEST
-indicates that a testcase should be written before implementing the
+(or feature request).
-For SSL:
-- define appropriate MHD_OPTIONs (#1225, API)
-- actual implementation (#1225, ARCH)
-Missing Testcases:
+Missing features:
+- SSL support:
+ * define appropriate MHD_OPTIONs (#1225)
+ * actual implementation (#1225)
+Untested features:
- add testcases for http/1.1 pipelining (need
to figure out how to ensure curl pipelines
@@ -68,8 +65,9 @@ Missing Testcases:
- extend testcase for chunked encoding to validate
handling of footers
+Missing documentation:
- manual (texinfo, man)
- tutorial