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diff --git a/src/microhttpd/daemon.c b/src/microhttpd/daemon.c
index 5af6bd60..2173378d 100644
--- a/src/microhttpd/daemon.c
+++ b/src/microhttpd/daemon.c
@@ -1824,6 +1824,14 @@ resume_suspended_connections (struct MHD_Daemon *daemon)
if (MHD_NO != daemon->resuming)
next = daemon->suspended_connections_head;
+ /* Clear the flag *only* if connections will be resumed otherwise
+ it may accidentally clear flag that was set at the same time in
+ other thread (just after 'if (MHD_NO != daemon->resuming)' in
+ this thread).
+ Clear flag *before* resuming connections otherwise new connection can
+ be set to "resuming" in other thread, but missed resuming in this
+ function at this time so clearing flag at end will clear it without
+ actually resuming of new connection. */
if (NULL != next)
daemon->resuming = MHD_NO;
while (NULL != (pos = next))