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LRN's big logging rewrite (#1805):
* GNUNET_BOTTOM_LOGLEVEL and GNUNET_TOP_LOGLEVEL set global levels Use bottom level to force logging to be more verbose than configured Use top level to force logging to be less verbose than configured Obviously, bottom <= top * GNUNET_LOG sets per-component levels GNUNET_LOG looks like this: name[/bottom[/top]]/... name starts with a non-digit character, must not include '/' bottom and top must consist only of digits, or be empty a description is only used if it matches the component exactly as a special exception (for now) the name '*' matches any component per-component loglevels override global loglevels global levels override whatever is given via arguments or in config Examples: test_client/8/8/ run test_client with DEBUG level (usually leads to a timeout, by the way) */2/2/core/8/8/transport/4/4 run everything with WARNING, core - with DEBUG, transport - with INFO *//1/peerinfo/4/ run everything with top loglevel ERROR, global/configured bottom loglevel, and peerinfo - with bottom loglevel INFO and global/configured top loglevel statistics/ does nothing * Added GNUNET_ERROR_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED enum value, to hold -1. Its corresponding string is NULL. * Changed the logger calls as Grothoff suggested - to use static int to hold the result of runtime evaluation of logability. Logging can be unconditionally disabled in advance by defining GNUNET_LOG_CALL_STATUS to 0, and enabled in advance by defining it to 1. * Added GNUNET_CULL_LOGGING, which, if defined, completely culls out all logging calls at compile time. * Log definition parsing is only done once, results are cached. * Changed definition format, now it looks like this: [component|*|];[file|*|];[function|*|];[from_line[-to_line]];level/[component...] All field separators are mandatory (but some fields could be empty or be '*'). Line definition must be either empty or "number" or "number-number" Level definition must not be empty, and is a string representation of the level (i.e. DEBUG, WARNING, INFO, etc). Definition entry must end with a slash, whether or not there's another entry after it. File name is matched to the end of __FILE__, which allows file name to match not only the base name, but also directories leading to it. * Removed default WARNING loglevel from program and service utility code. Now they default to NULL (UNSPECIFIED) level, which can be overriden by GNUNET_LOG definition, if no level is specified via config or commandline. Log levels from config or commandline are overriden by GNUNET_FORCE_LOG. If GNUNET_*LOG are undefined, and no levels came from config or commandline, logger internally defaults to WARNING level. Add --enable-logging configure option
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+Mon Sep 19 14:16:22 CEST 2011
Releasing GNUnet 0.9.0pre3. Instead of listing all that has
changed, here is the short list of what is known NOT to work,
in order of minor flaws to major issues, by module: