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LRN's big logging rewrite (#1805):
* GNUNET_BOTTOM_LOGLEVEL and GNUNET_TOP_LOGLEVEL set global levels Use bottom level to force logging to be more verbose than configured Use top level to force logging to be less verbose than configured Obviously, bottom <= top * GNUNET_LOG sets per-component levels GNUNET_LOG looks like this: name[/bottom[/top]]/... name starts with a non-digit character, must not include '/' bottom and top must consist only of digits, or be empty a description is only used if it matches the component exactly as a special exception (for now) the name '*' matches any component per-component loglevels override global loglevels global levels override whatever is given via arguments or in config Examples: test_client/8/8/ run test_client with DEBUG level (usually leads to a timeout, by the way) */2/2/core/8/8/transport/4/4 run everything with WARNING, core - with DEBUG, transport - with INFO *//1/peerinfo/4/ run everything with top loglevel ERROR, global/configured bottom loglevel, and peerinfo - with bottom loglevel INFO and global/configured top loglevel statistics/ does nothing * Added GNUNET_ERROR_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED enum value, to hold -1. Its corresponding string is NULL. * Changed the logger calls as Grothoff suggested - to use static int to hold the result of runtime evaluation of logability. Logging can be unconditionally disabled in advance by defining GNUNET_LOG_CALL_STATUS to 0, and enabled in advance by defining it to 1. * Added GNUNET_CULL_LOGGING, which, if defined, completely culls out all logging calls at compile time. * Log definition parsing is only done once, results are cached. * Changed definition format, now it looks like this: [component|*|];[file|*|];[function|*|];[from_line[-to_line]];level/[component...] All field separators are mandatory (but some fields could be empty or be '*'). Line definition must be either empty or "number" or "number-number" Level definition must not be empty, and is a string representation of the level (i.e. DEBUG, WARNING, INFO, etc). Definition entry must end with a slash, whether or not there's another entry after it. File name is matched to the end of __FILE__, which allows file name to match not only the base name, but also directories leading to it. * Removed default WARNING loglevel from program and service utility code. Now they default to NULL (UNSPECIFIED) level, which can be overriden by GNUNET_LOG definition, if no level is specified via config or commandline. Log levels from config or commandline are overriden by GNUNET_FORCE_LOG. If GNUNET_*LOG are undefined, and no levels came from config or commandline, logger internally defaults to WARNING level. Add --enable-logging configure option
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diff --git a/ b/
index d21297969..243b4361c 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -193,6 +193,16 @@ then
AC_MSG_ERROR([GNUnet needs libgcrypt])
+ AS_HELP_STRING([--enable-logging@<:@=value@:>@],[Enable logging calls. Possible values: yes,no,verbose,veryverbose ('yes' is the default)]),
+ [AS_IF([test "x$enableval" = "xyes"], [],
+ [test "x$enableval" = "xno"], [AC_DEFINE([GNUNET_CULL_LOGGING],[],[Define to cull all logging calls])],
+ [test "x$enableval" = "xverbose"], [extra_logging=GNUNET_YES]
+ [test "x$enableval" = "xveryverbose"], [extra_logging=\(GNUNET_YES+1\)])
+ ], [])
+AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED([GNUNET_EXTRA_LOGGING],[$extra_logging],[1 if extra logging is enabled, 2 for very verbose extra logging, 0 otherwise])
if test $build = $target
AC_MSG_CHECKING([for working HMAC])