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diff --git a/contrib/ci/docker/Dockerfile b/contrib/ci/docker/Dockerfile
index 974e41a5e..42c64eaf3 100644
--- a/contrib/ci/docker/Dockerfile
+++ b/contrib/ci/docker/Dockerfile
@@ -1,57 +1,32 @@
-from fedora:26
+FROM ubuntu:18.04
# Install the required build tools
-RUN dnf -y update && dnf -y install which git automake texinfo gettext-devel autoconf libtool libtool-ltdl-devel libidn-devel libunistring-devel glpk libextractor-devel libmicrohttpd-devel gnutls libgcrypt-devel jansson-devel sqlite-devel npm
+RUN apt update && apt install -y apt git autopoint automake texinfo gettext autoconf libtool libidn11-dev libunistring-dev gnutls-dev libgcrypt20 libgcrypt20-dev libjansson-dev libsqlite3-dev wget flex bison libglib2.0-dev libgmp3-dev libmicrohttpd-dev libglpk-dev libextractor-dev
+# Install gnurl from source at version gnurl-7.54.0
WORKDIR /usr/src
+RUN git clone --branch gnurl-7.57.0
+RUN cd /usr/src/gnurl && autoreconf -i && ./configure --prefix=/usr --disable-ntlm-wb && make install
-# Install gnurl
-RUN wget
-RUN tar xvzpf gnurl-7.59.0.tar.gz
-WORKDIR /usr/src/gnurl-7.59.0
-RUN autoreconf -i
-RUN ./configure --disable-ntlm-wb
-RUN make install
+# Install libpbc
WORKDIR /usr/src
+RUN wget && tar xvzpf pbc-0.5.14.tar.gz && cd /usr/src/pbc-0.5.14 && ./configure --prefix=/usr && make install
-RUN dnf -y install wget flex bison
-# Install libpbc
-RUN wget
-RUN tar xvzpf pbc-0.5.14.tar.gz
-WORKDIR /usr/src/pbc-0.5.14
-RUN ./configure --prefix=/usr
-RUN make install
+# Install libbswabe
WORKDIR /usr/src
+RUN git clone && cd /usr/src/libgabe && ./configure --prefix=/usr && make install
-RUN dnf -y install glib2-devel
+WORKDIR /usr/src
+RUN git clone git://
+RUN cd /usr/src/gnunet && ./bootstrap && ./configure --enable-experimental --prefix=/usr && make && make install
-# Install libbswabe
-RUN git clone
-WORKDIR /usr/src/libgabe
-RUN ./configure --prefix=/usr
-RUN make install
-# Install WebUI
-WORKDIR /usr/src/
-RUN git clone
-WORKDIR /usr/src/gnunet-webui
-RUN git checkout gnuidentity
-RUN mkdir /usr/src/gnunet
-WORKDIR /usr/src/gnunet
-ADD . .
-RUN ./bootstrap
-RUN ./configure --prefix=/usr/local
-RUN make -j$NUM_JOBS
-RUN make install
-RUN groupadd gnunetdns
-RUN adduser -S -m -h /var/lib/gnunet gnunet
+RUN addgroup gnunetdns && addgroup gnunet && adduser --system --home /var/lib/gnunet gnunet
RUN chown gnunet:gnunet /var/lib/gnunet
RUN echo '[arm]\nSYSTEM_ONLY = YES\nUSER_ONLY = NO\n' > /etc/gnunet.conf
-CMD ["sh", ""]
+RUN rm -rf /usr/src/*
+#RUN apt remove gcc
+CMD ["sh", ""]