path: root/src/transport/gnunet-helper-transport-wlan.c
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2021-04-26-fix many more typosChristian Grothoff
2021-04-24-Fix several incorrect uses of `i.e.'Alessio Vanni
2020-11-13-warnings mostly formatMartin Schanzenbach
2019-11-24fix pointer indentationChristian Grothoff
2019-11-10get rid of SOCKTYPE and FDTYPEChristian Grothoff
2019-10-31tighten formatting rulesChristian Grothoff
2019-10-05global reindent, now with uncrustify hook enabledChristian Grothoff
2019-09-08uncrustify as demanded.ng0
2019-01-14src: for every AGPL3.0 file, add SPDX identifier.ng0
2018-06-07paragraph for gnunet devs that don't know how to use the webpsyc://loupsycedyglgamf.onion/~lynX
2018-06-07glitch in the license text detected by hyazinthe, thank you!psyc://loupsycedyglgamf.onion/~lynX
2018-06-05first batch of license fixes (boring)psyc://loupsycedyglgamf.onion/~lynX
2018-03-25[transport-wlan] use correct buffer positionDavid Barksdale
2016-07-08-avoid calling memcpy() with NULL argument, even if len is 0Christian Grothoff
2016-01-19-fix (C) noticesChristian Grothoff
2015-07-18minor modifications to reduce warningsChristian Grothoff
2015-06-30fix #3869: outdated FSF addressChristian Grothoff
2015-02-07-bringing copyright tags up to FSF standardChristian Grothoff
2013-10-06-remove trailing whitespaceChristian Grothoff
2013-09-30-getting ATS and transport to compile again (part of #3047)Christian Grothoff
2013-08-19remove dead assignmentsMatthias Wachs
2012-11-16-tolerate all-zero addressesChristian Grothoff
2012-11-16-fixChristian Grothoff
2012-11-16-fixChristian Grothoff
2012-11-16-trying to add 802.3-encoding supportChristian Grothoff
2012-11-16-trying to add 802.3-encoding supportChristian Grothoff
2012-11-16-cleaner error reportingChristian Grothoff
2012-11-16-also allow ad-hocChristian Grothoff
2012-11-16-also allow ad-hocChristian Grothoff
2012-11-16-also allow ad-hocChristian Grothoff
2012-11-16-assert privs when neededChristian Grothoff
2012-11-16-assert privs when neededChristian Grothoff
2012-10-06-fix #ifdef HAVE_RESUIDChristian Grothoff
2012-07-20-better fix for perm issueChristian Grothoff
2012-07-20-trying to fix perm problem despite SUIDChristian Grothoff
2012-04-03-fix assertion, documentation, getting dummy to be closer to work on W32Christian Grothoff
2012-04-03-fixChristian Grothoff
2012-03-23-using cleaner message types for WLAN-HELPER IPCChristian Grothoff
2012-03-16-fixing misc. bugs and making wlan helper auditable, resolving #1939Christian Grothoff
2012-03-16-more cleanup for #1939Christian Grothoff
2012-03-15-initChristian Grothoff
2012-03-15-ease life of static analysis toolsChristian Grothoff
2012-03-14-fixing some of the issues from #1939 -- untestedChristian Grothoff
2012-02-28-some code cleanupChristian Grothoff
2012-02-28-make no assumptions about the value of EINVALChristian Grothoff
2012-02-12-GArik: size_t is unsigned -- DCEChristian Grothoff
2011-12-21fixing 2012: network structure alignment now forced to be correct even on W32...Christian Grothoff
2011-12-16-also minimizing SUID code hereChristian Grothoff
2011-12-11renaming WLAN helper process to gnunet-helper-transport-wlan in order to sati...Christian Grothoff