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2013-07-12PSYC APIs: added missing args and functions, more consistent namingGabor X Toth
2013-06-17-Gabor X Toth
2013-04-13-updating author listChristian Grothoff
2012-04-26-updating AUTHORS, anyone else missing?Christian Grothoff
2012-02-23TG: attached are the following patches for GNUnet:Christian Grothoff
2011-12-20Adding optional compiler and linker hardening options as per suggestion from ...Christian Grothoff
2011-11-29adding authors header block following suggestions from Werner KochChristian Grothoff
2011-10-31update AUTHORSChristian Grothoff
2011-06-15Added Email-Address that should persist over the next yearsPhilipp Tölke
2011-02-06more chat code from Mantis #1657Christian Grothoff
2010-11-04authChristian Grothoff
2010-07-20Changed the copyright-noticePhilipp Tölke
2010-05-11updateChristian Grothoff
2010-04-10work on HELLOChristian Grothoff
2010-01-26add and update nateChristian Grothoff
2009-09-24update e-mailHeikki Lindholm
2009-05-29ngChristian Grothoff